Global Fuel LLC was formed in the spring of 2006 by Jerry F. Bagby and Harold Williams as co-owners. Construction of the plant facility was begun in July and was completed in January of 2007. Production of biodiesel began when workers were trained and feedstocks obtained.

During 2007 and until August of 2008, we experienced a very good market driven by demand in a new renewable product, relatively low feedstock prices, a stable and open export market to Europe, and stable federal and state incentives.

In the summer of 2008, we were exporting our entire production, through various buyers, to Europe. We were not aware that all our fuel was going to Europe, nor were we aware that 80% of the biodiesel produced in the United States was going to Europe. In August, Europe embargoed all biodiesel imported from the United States because of the one dollar per gallon subsidy that was in place. The biodiesel industry collapsed.

Since then, the biodiesel industry has rebuilt itself upon domestic demand.

During 2009, 2010, and 2011, the biodiesel industry felt the economic collapse of the US economy, and the drastically rising feedstock costs caused by the rise to $18 dollar per bushel for soybeans, uncertain federal incentive programs, a backlash from petroleum fuel producers, changing fuel quality standards, and finally a general distrust of the credits associated with biodiesel production (RINs) that are used to satisfy federal mandates.

Global Fuels has never had an issue with the quality of its biodiesel, nor, with the validity of the RIN’s generated.

Global Fuels has met these industry challenges head on by upgrading equipment to process lower cost feedstocks into even higher quality biodiesel that exceeds ASTM specifications, adopting a quality program and a training program to exceed the standards set by ASTM. Global Fuels is adopting the QAP (Quality Assurance Program) set forth by the EPA and administered by Eco-Engineers to meet the demands for quality RINs that have been verified before entering the market and thus assuring customers that the credits that they require are valid.

Global Fuels has taken 2012 and 2013 to research, acquire, and install the equipment with the best technology to both meet market demand for high quality biodiesel and process the most economical feedstocks. We evaluated several options and thoroughly researched the feasibility of several different technologies, not only internally but also with trusted and knowledgeable advisors in the biodiesel business community. We came to the conclusion that acid esterification preceded by a bleaching and filtration system with a cold soak filtration system for the corn oil was the best solution and provided the most cost effective and trusted options.

With E3 Engineering providing the engineering and Innovative Biofuels bringing that engineering to fruition Global Fuels will have the ability to produce biodiesel competitively.

In May of 2013, Harold Williams left the company for health reasons. Jerry F. Bagby is continuing the business as the sole owner.

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