Management Team

Nicholas Pevelka
Lab Manager

Nicholas, the lab manager, is in charge of the quality control laboratory and assuring the production of fuels that will meet ASTM standards. He is responsible for seeing that all in-coming feedstocks is tested and are of the correct quality and that the best blends and correct dosing is done so as to produce high quality biodiesel. The lab manager is also in charge of developing new methods and processes to ensure efficiency in the production line. He has over 15 years of laboratory and research experience.

Robert Slavings
Plant Manager

Robert Slavings, as Plant Manager of Global Fuels, oversees all department managers, such as the Controller, Quality Control Lab, Plant Personnel, and Maintenance, as well as total plant operations of Global Fuels LLC.

He works closely with all department managers to implement procedures for the control of quality throughout the production process of making biodiesel.

Robert has developed a team that makes safety#1, while looking for more cost effective ways to pass along quality products to our customers.

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