Purchasing Biodiesel

Global Fuels has targeted diesel fuel distributors in a 150 mile radius of the Missouri Bootheel. Fuel distributors located in Memphis and St. Louis have also accounted for a large fraction of our sales. This fuel typically goes into the on-road diesel fuel market; whereas, most local sales are for off-road diesel uses. Both, the over the road truck fleets, and the agricultural market, are large users of biodiesel.

Expanding biodiesel fuel markets are found in places like construction equipment, slow moving Department of Transportation vehicles, school busses, and diesel vehicles that are used indoors or underground.

Emerging markets are to be found in the chemical applications of methyl-esters as lubricants and solvents in the construction industry and agricultural chemicals.

The primary customers are fuel distributors and blenders out of the St. Louis and Memphis areas. Much of the biodiesel purchased for these areas is blended and sold into Illinois where it qualifies for a significant tax credit that makes it attractive to the over the road trucking fleets. Biodiesel is also sold to local farmer cooperatives (Co-Ops) and distributors that sell mostly to agriculture based customers. The RINs are then sold to petroleum refineries, and EPA obligated parties, to satisfy their Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) mandate.

All biodiesel is distributed via tanker truck from our production facility. The biodiesel is then transported to a blending terminal to be blended with petroleum based diesel or it may be used by the end customer in its pure form, or it may be custom blended to suit their needs.

Biodiesel can be blended at virtually any percentage and still maintain its environmental benefits. Custom blends may be anywhere from 2% to75%.

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