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  • NJ producer pleads guilty to releasing wastewater into sound

    June 7, 2018
    An Elizabeth, New Jersey, biodiesel producer—Fuel Bio One LLC—pleaded guilty to discharging more than 45,000 gallons of wastewater from its commercial plant into the Arthur Kill, a narrow waterway that separates New Jersey from Staten Island.
  • Trump rejects deal allowing exported biofuel RINs for compliance

    June 6, 2018
    Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst announced June 5 President Trump has rejected a deal on the RFS that would have implemented year-round E15 availability, but also allowed RINs attached to exported biofuel volumes to be used for RFS compliance.
  • 3 new antioxidant additives included on AGQM’s no-harm lists

    June 6, 2018
    The current no-harm test round for antioxidants for biodiesel blended with diesel fuel or heating oil is complete. Two additives meant for biodiesel to be blended with on-road diesel fuel, and one for biodiesel to be mixed with heating oil, passed.
  • Community Fuels offers ADF-compliant, NOx-neutral biodiesel

    June 6, 2018
    Community Fuels is the first biodiesel marketer within California to offer NOx-neutral biodiesel using the new Best Corp. BC-EC1c additive. Community Fuels intends to provide NOx-neutral biodiesel for all B99 loaded at its Port of Stockton terminal.
  • Targray opens Minn. biodiesel distribution center in Twin Cities

    June 5, 2018
    Targray announced the opening of its Minnesota biodiesel distribution center, serving the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. The new biodiesel terminal will help address the rapid growth in regional demand for biodiesel in the Twin Cities.
  • Biodiesel producers implore President Trump to keep his promises

    June 5, 2018
    In a letter to President Trump, biodiesel producers, advocates and agriculture leaders implore that biodiesel not be ignored in the Trump administration's efforts to navigate differences between petroleum refiners and the ethanol industry.
  • Eni staff in Porto Marghera collects UCO for biofuel conversion

    June 4, 2018
    Italian oil refining giant Eni will begin collecting used cooking oils from the homes of its employees for conversion to renewable diesel at its biorefinery. This pioneering initiative is part of its commitment to adopt a circular economy program.
  • Midwest Trump voters losing faith in his commitment to biofuels

    June 4, 2018
    New polling shows that voters across three Midwestern states—Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri—are disappointed with Trump administration decisions they view as broken promises of support for local agriculture and renewable fuels industries.
  • Despite palm oil polemic, Total’s La Mède plant to start soon

    June 1, 2018
    Amid controversy over its planned use of imported palm oil, Total S.A. received an operating license for its La Mède biorefinery in the south of France. FNSEA called on farmers and consumers to protest the decision in support of French agriculture.
  • German biodiesel exports in Q1 2018 up more than 30 percent

    May 30, 2018
    In the first quarter of 2018, Germany's biodiesel exports increased more than 30 percent from same period last year to 128.67 million gallons. Around 84 percent of exports were shipped to EU countries. U.S. imports of German biodiesel grew the most.

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